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Dads tackle update report on Iponan River

THE City Council committee of the whole chaired by Councilor Ma. Lourdes Gaane met over the weekend to hear the update report of Councilor Suzette M. Daba, chair of the Task Force Cagayan de Oro Sanitary Landfill (SLF).

The committee was tasked to look into the reported leakage of the SLF to the Iponan River particularly at San Simon and Pagalungan area.

Representatives from the City Administrator’s Office, EMB-DENR 10, City Health Office, CLENRO, IPM Construction Dev’t. Corporation, among others, attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Councilor Edna M. Dahino suggested that even though the water analysis conducted on the Iponan River yielded negative results, any complaints that may arise in the future against the SLF should not be ignored.

“This will be the basis na maablihan ang atong mga huna-huna how can we improve our services and how we can be able to introduce something that could really solve problems in the future and with this I would like to request CLENRO to make a plan on how to install a sewerage tank treatment,” the Councilor pointed out.

Consequently, there were some recommendations made out from the consolidated report on water analysis as conducted separately by CLENRO, EMB-DENR 10 and DOST last December 2017.

These include installation of a leachate treatment facility and a settling pond on the SLF creek, application for a discharge permit and additional parameters to monitor the water quality (TSS, Nitrates, Phosphates and Ammonia).

Likewise recommended was the installation of a leachate pond marker to determine the level of leachate for pumping out to the cell as well as the establishment of a monitoring well and Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) within the SLF site for resource recovery. (JAO)

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