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Planning, Research & Innovation and People’s Organization Accreditation

The Committee on Planning, Research & Innovation and People’s Organization Accreditation studies, investigates, and reports on all matters and measures pertaining to city planning, zoning, land classification, land use and management, urban community development, development and advancement of science and technology; scientific and technological research. It shall review and recommend actions on the Annual Investment Program (AIP), Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP), City Development Plan (CDP), Executive Legislative Agenda (ELA), and other short- and medium-term plans of the City.

The Committee likewise takes cognizance of all matters or measures pertaining to strategic planning, research and innovation, and/or science-based technology relevant to the promotion of sustainable economic growth and social development. All matters relating to the appointments of City Government employees from Heads of Departments or Chiefs of Offices, to the rank and file personnel as well as the structures, organizational setup functions and supervision, staffing pattern and human resource development policies of all offices and departments of the City Government including their reorganizations.

The Committee also evaluates the application for accreditation of civil society organizations and people’s organizations for purposes of membership in the local special bodies.

Committee Members

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