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Ethics and Blue Ribbon

The Committee on Ethics and Blue Ribbon studies investigates and reports to the City Council (Sangguniang Panlungsod), in aid of legislation, its findings and recommendations on cases involving graft and corruption, irregular or anomalous transactions, unethical or other immoral conduct, other violations or infractions of lawful regulations committed by any official or employee of the City, Government, or in connivance with any private individual upon verified complaint.

All matters relating to the moral and ethical conduct, dignity, integrity, and reputation of the Sanggunian and its members in connection with the performance of their official duty and their own personal conduct as public officials individually or collectively; Provided, That any complaint filed against any member of the Sanggunian must be made in writing and under oath. Such complaint shall be referred to the committee which shall act on it upon a vote of two-thirds of its members by recommending to the Sanggunian the censure, reprimand, suspension or expulsion, or any other appropriate disciplinary action as it may deem just and reasonable and in accordance with existing laws

The Committee further hears and investigates administrative cases against elected barangay officials. However, on a case-to-case basis and upon a majority vote of all the members, the City Council (Sangguniang Panlungsod) may assume jurisdiction on a particular administrative case of elected barangay officials. It shall likewise initiate and/or undertake measures that would protect and promote the basic rights of every citizen, based on truth, justice, and law, and further initiate studies, researches, inquiries and investigations of the same.

Committee Members

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