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VM Bebot’s ‘Bangon-balik Higala’ under study

THE City Council committee on ways and means chaired by Councilor George S. Goking during its meeting yesterday discussed the proposed ordinance aimed at reviving the city’s economy. Filed by Vice Mayor Jocelyn “Bebot” B. Rodriguez, the proposed ordinance is titled as “An Ordinance for the Cagayan De Oro Comprehensive Assistance For the Revival of the Economy (CARE)” or the “BANGON-BALIK HIGALA ORDINANCE”. The main goal of the proposed ordinance is anchored on the Covid-19 recovery framework of NEDA-10 which is based on the UN’s Build Back Better (BBB) principle. The BBB principle of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction seeks “the use of the recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction phases after a disaster to increase the resilience of nations and communities through integrating disaster risk reduction measures into the restoration of physical infrastructure and societal systems, and to the revitalization of livelihoods, economies and the environment.” The committee will further discuss the proposal in its next meeting together with stakeholders.


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