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Subd cmte acts on request for alteration of subd project in Lumbia

THE request for the alteration of plan of the Gold Residences subdivision project in Barangay Lumbia was acted upon by the City Council committee on subdivision and landed estate chaired by Councilor Edgar S. Cabanlas.

Liberty Land Corporation, developer of the subdivision, requested for the alteration of the previously approved plan of the retaining walls considering the damage of the riprap caused by heavy rains.

According to Rosabelle Villanueva, company representative, the developer of the adjacent property did not construct a detention pond and proper drainage outfall that connects to the city’s existing drainage prior to the development of its subdivision.

She said this resulted in damage to the fence and slope protection of its property.

Villanueva said there are no homeowners residing in the area yet. There are no saleable lots that will be affected, she added.

Councilor Cabanlas referred the request to the City Housing and Urban Development Department (CHUDD) and to the City Engineer’s Office for their comments and recommendation.


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