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Suan to developers: prioritize detention pond

Councilor Aga Suan last week said developers should prioritize provision of detention pond prior to any land development of a subdivision project. The councilor pointed this out during the meeting last week of the committee on subdivision and landed estate chaired by Councilor Edgar S. Cabanlas, as he cited the importance of detention ponds to address the clamor of residents in low lying areas, specifically in Barangays Agusan, Puerto and Bugo.

The committee has called the attention of the Cebu Landmasters, Inc., developer of Velmiro Heights CDO project, regarding the status of its land development. Cabanlas recalled that the City Council approved the development permit of Velmiro Heights with the condition that it should construct a detention pond to prevent the sudden flow of water from the subdivision site to avoid flooding in the lower areas.

“Dili maayo kay ang atong mga kaigsoon diha mag-antos sa baha,” said Cabanlas.

A representative of the City Engineer’s Office informed the committee that as per evaluation by the office, the developer has not yet constructed the detention pond when the area was inspected.

Suan suggested the committee to write the developer to prioritize the construction of the detention pond to immediately solve the flooding problem of low-lying barangays and for future mitigation.

With this, the committee adopted a resolution directing the management of Cebu Land Masters, Inc. to immediately construct the detention pond as provided in its Development Permit.


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