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SP backs PWD-friendly seal ordinance of Brgy 14

TO ensure that establishments are accessible to all Persons with Disability (PWD) residents of Barangay 14, the 19th City Council during its regular session presided over by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy adopted a resolution returning to the Barangay Council of Barangay 14 its Ordinance No. 003 of 2021 for implementation.

This, with the information that said ordinance is operative in its entirety.

The barangay ordinance provides guidelines for the PWD Friendly Seal for buildings, institutions, establishments.

It requires compliance with the guidelines after undergoing a physical inspection by the PWD-Friendly Seal Inspection Team created by the barangay.

These include the provision of accessible ramps, washrooms and toilets, parking areas/stalls, signage (directional and informational signs), non-skid flooring, elevators, and stairs.

Barangay Officials said the seal will be given to PWD friendly establishments or buildings/facilities that are fully accessible to PWDs, having complied with all architectural features and facilities within the common areas, as provided to the general public.

The PWD friendly seal shall be valid for six months from the date of issuance, this shall be renewable subject to continued compliance with the eligibility requirements.

The City Legal Office recommended the approval of the barangay ordinance noting that this is in line with the 2021 Seal of Good Local Governance: Pagkilala sa Katapatan at Kahusayan ng Pamahalaang Lokal.

Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya, chair of the committee on laws and rules, said the barangay ordinance is very laudable, saying that they should be recognized by the CSWD as one of the best practices of the barangay.

The resolution was sponsored by the committees on barangay affairs and on laws and rules chaired by Councilor Yan Lam Lim and Councilor Nacaya.


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