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SP authorizes Mayor Uy to sign DOD with NMIS

Through an ordinance, the 20th City Council, on its regular session yesterday presided over by Vice Mayor Jocelyn B. Rodriguez, authorized City Mayor Rolando A. Uy to enter into and sign the Deed of Donation (DOD) with the National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS) covering the latter’s donation of a one-storey concrete structure with concrete perimeter fence and steel gate within the 800-square meter City-owned property located at the compound of the City Abbatoir in Barangay Cugman, which was previously occupied by the NMIS-Regional Technical Office 10 through Usufruct Agreement with the City Government.

In his letter to the City Council, City Mayor Uy said the enactment of the said ordinance would terminate the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), entered into by and between the City Government and NMIS (formerly NMIC) on May 13, 1998, allowing the use of the aforesaid property to the NMIS only in the nature of usufructuary at no cost, provided, however that if the lot shall no longer be needed for the purpose the same shall be reverted to the City together with the improvement/facilities.

Dr. Perla T. Asis, City Veterinarian, said that the building has not been utilized for some time now following the expiration of the terms of the agreement. She also added the vacated building shall be utilized by the Meat Inspection Division of the City Veterinary Office, The Gavel learned.

The legislation was reviewed and endorsed by the committees on agriculture, fisheries and cultural communities and on laws and rules respectively chaired by Councilors Jay R. Pascual and Edgar S. Cabanlas.


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