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SP approves MOU with USAID

Through an ordinance, the 20th City Council on its regular session Monday, presided over by Vice Mayor Jocelyn B. Rodriguez, authorized City Mayor Rolando A. Uy to enter into and sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) covering the cooperation of the parties to execute a catalytic, sustainable, transparent equitable economic and governance reforms to spur resilient, broad-based and inclusive economic growth and promote democratic governance in Cagayan de Oro City.

Under the MOU, the USAID, through the CHANGE activity, will assist the city with the improvement of the environment for decentralization, enhancement of local government service delivery, and effective engagement of civil society in governance.

Furthermore, both parties intend to mobilize a wide range of methods to increase development impact, including using assistance to leverage private sector engagement, convening the private sector to support good governance, engaging academia and civil society in development programs, and supporting the city’s work to create an enabling environment for social development, economic growth and good governance.

Moreover, in the event the USAID furnishes the assistance agreements executed by the authorized representatives of the government of the United States and the government of the Philippines, in kind support in the form of technical assistance, training and commodities, the city will provide counterpart support to any undertaking related to the purpose of the MOU.

This undertaking includes logistics support such as office space; equipment of clerical support for USAID-funded consultants and implementing partners; establishing and filling certain government positions or designating project counterparts, among others.

The legislation was reviewed and endorsed by the committees on planning, research and innovation and people’s organization accreditation and on laws and rules both chaired by Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya.


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