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More budget for seniors sought

CITY COUNCILOR George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committee on ways and means, said he is finding ways to increase the budget for senior citizens in the city.

This, after noting that some elders are not receiving their social pension.

The councilor said that the main cause of problem is the lack of budget since the number of senior citizens in the city is increasing every year.

So, if the records are updated, we can find the needed budget allocation for those who have not registered, he pointed out.

Councilor Goking said that although the amount is small, it will still be a big help to senior citizens who are not receiving other government benefits like SSS and GSIS pensions. They can use this to buy their maintenance medicine and food, he said.

He stressed that there is a need to allocate additional budget to fund their benefits.

At least for the rest of their days, seniors will be able to feel that the government cares for them, he cited.


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