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Judith backs rainwater collection facility, urged implementation of RA 6716

AS a countermeasure against the onslaught of the El Nino phenomenon, Councilor James K. Judith, II on Monday’s regular session expressed his support to the proposal of Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya to seek help from the experts of the University of Science and Technology (USTP) in designing a rainwater collection facility to be installed not just in farmlands but also in houses and other physical infrastructures in the city. Judith pointed out that instead of crafting another complimentary legislation, it is more appropriate to strictly implement the existing RA 6716 of 1989 for the purpose.

“Naa naman gud balaod ana ang RA 6716 so siguro dili nata ingon daghan pa (himoon) o naa pa tay complimentary na ordinance na atong ipasa or resolusyon kabahin niana. Ang ato lang siguro (buhaton)…. pagpatuman o paghatag memorandum sa atong mga department heads, sa atong mga opisyales sa kabarangayan nga ipatuman ang RA 6716".

Approved on March 17, 1989, Republic Act 6716 (An Act Providing for the Construction of Water Wells, Rainwater Collectors, Development of Springs, and Rehabilitation of Existing Water Wells in all Barangays in the Philippines) mandates the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to construct water wells and rainwater collectors, develop springs and rehabilitate existing water wells in barangays nationwide.

RA 6716 declares a policy of promoting the quality of life of every Filipino through the provision of adequate social service including, but not limited to, the provision of adequate potable water supply made conveniently available to every barangay in the country, The Gavel learned.

“Sakto tong report ni Councilor Nacaya na naa na siya na (intervention) ato nang himoon labi na nga naa tay gipaabot na El Nino,” the councilor further affirmed.


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