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Joint cmte tackles request of business group

THE joint City Council committees on trade and commerce and on health and health Insurance respectively chaired by Councilors Councilor George S. Goking and Maria Lourdes Gaane on Thursday tackled the position paper of the Oro Chamber on the implementation of the city government’s Higala App Ordinance.

The Oro Chamber is requesting for the amendment of Section 10 of the ordinance which provides that any establishment /entity found violating the ordinance shall be charged with an administrative penalty of P1000 (suspension of Business Permit for one month) for the first offense; P3000 (suspension of business permit for three months) for the second offense and P5000 (revocation of business permit) for the third offense.

The committees agreed to amend this section and referred the matter to the committee on laws and rules chaired by Councilor Ian Mark Nacaya for approval.


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