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Goking to revisit EODB, ARTA laws

Councilor George S. Goking will be reviewing the ordinances relative to Ease of Doing Business (EODB) and Anti-Red Tape (ARTA). It may be recalled that the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) conducted a seminar on the implementation of the new system and guidelines on streamlining building permits and certificate of occupancy, integration of barangay clearance, re-engineering of systems and procedures, and repeal of ordinances and policies that shall help for the revival of businesses that lead to fast economic recovery.

Councilor Goking said the system only needs coordination with other offices concerned. The integration of barangay has a big role in providing barangay clearances and permits for the fast processing of the request and the processing of barangay shares for them also to implement their projects, he added.

Goking reiterated that it is necessary to review local ordinances before so to conform on the DILG-ARTA JMC 2019-01, concepts and methodology of regulatory reform, and adoption of policies based on Regulatory Reform.


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