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Goking supports plan for pay parking spaces

Councilor George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committee on ways and means, expressed support to the proposal to designate pay parking areas within the City as a means to generate revenue for the city’s coffers.

“We need to focus on revenue generating programs and use Public Private Partnership (PPP) to finance government projects,” he said.

For his part, Councilor Esparcia said that it is the obligation of the business establishment to have parking space like hospital having emergencies in saving lives.

Goking said the city should not grill the business sector, adding that more studies are needed to protect the customers from the hassle of looking for parking spaces.

It can be recalled that parking space at present is a big problem.

At the meeting of the committee, the representative of the Roads and Traffic Administration said strict implementation of the Building Code is much needed.

Meanwhile, Councilor Aga Suan suggested for the city to find huge space just for parking structure and it might be a multi-storey parking space, even as he reminded the committee of possible negative reactions from the public for a pay parking space.

Councilor Ivy Emano, for her part, suggested for a vertical parking spaces to alleviate traffic problem.

The committee will soon shall review the city’s existing traffic and parking ordinances.


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