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Goking sees brighter prospects with more business permit renewals this year

NOTING a higher percentage of applications of business permit renewals this year compared to last year’s figures, Councilor George S. Goking is expressing his gratitude to the business sector.

Councilor Goking, chair of the City Council committees on trade and commerce and on ways and means, said this shows that although businesses are not doing well, they are still supporting government efforts to restore the economy.

He added that Ordinance no. 13992-2020, Ease on Doing Business, that he authored has also made it easier to apply for new businesses and renewal of business permits.

The city government needs funds to implement and continue proposed and ongoing projects. He stressed that the city scholarship program and other programs for health, peace and order, among others, should be pursued.

He said he is thankful for the unity among the government, business sector and people as the city continues to fight and recover from the pandemic.


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