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Goking concerned over proposal to hike taxes

CITY Councilor George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committees on trade and commerce and on ways and means, expressed his concern over the proposal of Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III to impose new or higher taxes.

The reason for this is to pay for the foreign debts incurred to address the Covid-19 pandemic, he cited.

Councilor Goking said as of this time the city’s economy is still recovering. Almost all businesses incurred losses due to the pandemic.

We need our taxes to pay our foreign obligations but we need also to understand and look into the situation of businessmen. It cannot be denied that some businesses are still closed due to lack of capital.

Councilor Goking added that if that move will be realized it will add burden to the people. “We need to cooperate with the government to have solutions to the problem.

More study is needed so that both the people and government will not have to carry so much burden,” he stressed.


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