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Goking cmte tackles proposal for tax condonation

THE City Council committee on ways and means chaired by Councilor George S. Goking on Wednesday approved a resolution requesting the Local Finance Committee to consider the adoption of the Incentivization Program proposed by the Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The program will grant incentives or rebates to taxpayers making advance payments of their tax obligations with the city government.

The move is in relation to the proposal for the condonation of surcharges and penalties of delinquent taxpayers.

The committee also requested the Local Finance Committee to consider the request of the Cogon Market Vendors association for amnesty of market stall rental fees for a period of four months in view of the financial difficulties brought about by the pandemic.

The LFC was requested to submit its recommendations to the committee on these requests for its appropriate action.

Councilor Goking said that there is a need to study and understand the situation of the business community. The condonation of surcharges and penalties shall depend on the businesses affected by IATF guidelines, he cited.

If there is a possibility to grant the request for the condonation, we should also give incentives to businessmen who religiously pay their taxes on time, Goking cited.

The request for condonation was brought to the plenary by Councilors Ian Mark Nacaya and Lordan Suan.

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