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Demolition of illegally-installed billboards pushed

ILLEGALLY-installed advertisement structures and billboards should be demolished the soonest possible time.

This was recommended yesterday by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo, who presided the meeting of the City Council committee of the whole during the inquiry, in aid of legislation on the special report of Councilor John Michael L. Seno relative to the alleged

illegal billboards in the city.

The Office of the Building Official (OBO) said more than 100 violators have been identified.

“For the information of the advertising companies, this (discussion) does not actually give the direction nga ipihig gyud mo, itarong lang kung asa gyud ta magbutang sa atong advertisement structures kay mao may mando sa balaod. Really wala man mi intention nga i-stop ang advertisement because this is the lifeblood in promoting our city to other parts of the world. We need your advertisements but it should be in accordance, in adherence to, and in compliance to what is required by law,” Calizo explained.

Calizo also manifested the existing ordinance(s) covering the issuance of permits for the installation of advertisement structures need not be amended as far as the requirements are concerned.

“In the existing ordinance, there is no need for an amendment kay klaro man gud ang mga requirements ug i-strictly enforce na ang mga requirements, dali ra man diay sundon. Now for those violators for several years, it is because of failure of enforcement

so let’s go into process that we will go now for a strict and proper implementation and enforcement para mawala gyud ning mga illegal structures,” the councilor further pointed out.

Noting the powers given to OBO and the DPWH, a resolution was proposed recommending the enforcement of the law and the demolition of the illegal structures.

This will be presented during the City Council regular session on Monday for further discussion.


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