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Dads approved in principle budgets for 2022 COCPO’s anti-drug abuse program, COFD

TO maintain public order and safety, the 19th City Council as the Committee of the Whole during its budget deliberation presided over by Councilor Edna M. Dahino approved in principle the proposed 2022 budgets of the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (COCPO)’s Anti-Drug Abuse program, and Cagayan de Oro Fire District (COFD).

Legislators noted that the proposed budget of the city's drug enforcement section under COCPO in the amount of P650,000 is the same as last year.

The budget for the anti-drug abuse program includes operational expenses on surveillance before and during actual operation and other incidental expenses, and other maintaining and operating expenses-marked money for test buy and buy-bust operation.

It was also noted that the aid to COCPO in the amount of P36,493,800 and aid to COFD amounting to P10,188,100 are the same as last year’s budget.

The proposed budget of both offices includes training expenses, repairs and maintenance which include machinery and transportation equipment, and the fire prevention program of the COFD.

During the deliberation, Councilor Enrico Salcedo cited that the marked money operation of COCPO should be monitored to know if there is a need to increase the budget to strengthen the campaign against illegal drugs.

“Atong ipakita nga serious ang city sa kampanya sa drugs mao nang ang city government supportive kaayo sa drug campaign,” Salcedo stressed.

City Budget Officer Atty. Percy Salazar clarified that the city is only providing aid to the offices. This is not the whole budget of the COCPO for their anti-drug abuse program, she cited.

“We have a separate budget for drug enforcement. We prioritize aid to their operation,” Salazar added.


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