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Calizo seeks cmte participation in addressing public concerns

COUNCILOR Rome V. Calizo enjoined and encouraged all members of the City Councilto attend and present their best ideas during committee meetings rather than expressing mere criticisms later on over the efforts not only of the city council in particular but also of the city government in general.

This was in response to the special reports of Councilors Zaldy O. Ocon and Lordan G.Suan at Monday’s regular session relative to the prevailing water woes in the city as well as the supposed contracts entered into by the City Government with the Cagayan de Oro Water District (COWD).

Calizo assured Kagayanons that the water problem has always been given much attention by the committee on public utilities chaired by Councilor Teodulfo E. Lao, Jr., along with other issues on transport services and energy-related concerns as he has joined almost all of its scheduled meetings.

“In my understanding on what brainstorming is, it is not merely criticizing (but) it is also offering or contributing your best idea (to solve) the problem. Otherwise, if we just criticize, there’ll be no solutions that will be presented. Lisod lagi pangitaan og solusyon but I think, with the convergence of the best ideas, we can provide the best solutions. I invite everybody to contribute because if we continue on criticizing and there will be no contributions as to your best shots, the problem will remain as is,” the councilor explained.


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