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Calizo cites basis for “no right turn on red signal” policy

The “no right turn on red signal” has several bases and references in the City’s traffic code. The imposition of its penalties also has a basis as justified by the City Legal Office.

This was pointed out by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo, chair of the City Council committee on roads and traffic management during the meeting Wednesday to tackle the special report of Councilor Roger G. Abaday regarding the matter.

“The reason as rationalized by the RTA is to prevent accidents because probably then, kaniadto kuno okay ra man you can turn right with care, daghan man gud balasubas nga motorista diri sa city, they will never turn right or left with care. Probably that’s the reason why they (now) strictly implement the no right turn on red signal (law),” the councilor further said.

According to the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA), this is stipulated in Sections 20 and 21 of Article 4 of the Traffic Code (Obedience to Traffic Control Signals and Signs) while the penalties are provided and itemized under Section 206.

“Kaning right turn on red signal, ulahi na ta nag implement dinhi. Naa na ni sa Cebu, Manila and Davao. Dinhi sa ato tulo lang ka traffic light nga naa gyud signal for right turn. Diri sa Vamenta-Masterson, sa Florentino in Limketkai ug didto sa Galaxy in (Barangay) Gusa. But all the rest wala,” cited Engr. Nonito Oclarit of RTA.

He said although there are complaints from motorists, its implementation should never be compromised as it has partly eased traffic problems in the city.

“Sa una gi-allow ang turn right with care naa gihapon ang problema. Daghan i-consider but we cannot also compromise nga walaon nato ni siya because naay purpose nganong gi-apply ni siya,” Engr. Oclarit further said.

With this, RTA shall submit an honest to goodness analysis not only on its effect on the traffic flow but also its overall economic perspective of traffic management in the city, he assured.

“In the meantime, the basic tenet is obedience to the law. If it is green you go, if it is red you stop and if it is amber you have to prepare to stop. We have to obey the traffic signs,” Calizo stressed.


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