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Calizo backs move on unfinished road projects

On Monday’s regular session, Councilor Romeo V. Calizo appreciated the special report of Councilor Malvern A. Esparcia relative to a particular unfinished road project somewhere in Barangay Carmen.

Calizo said it is high time for the City Council to craft the appropriate ordinance that will address the existing problem of numerous unfinished road projects in the city as well as identify those responsible in monitoring and taking corrective actions on these deficiencies.

“I am also fond of roaming around the city and I really see this kind of unfinished roads and structures. There’s really a need for a (specific) legislation on this because if we just let it be, then the people will keep on criticizing us as if we’re doing nothing,” Calizo further pointed out.

With this, the councilor suggested the matter be referred not only to the committee on public works but also to the committee on barangay affairs, citing that if the portion of a road is within a particular barangay territory, the same should be given appropriate action by the said barangay even by just reporting.

The two committees are respectively chaired by Councilors John Michael L. Seno and Yan Lam S. Lim.


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