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Abbu congratulates new lawyers

“My congratulations to all who passed and made it in the 2022 Bar Examinations!”.

This was the congratulatory message of Councilor Jose Pepe S. Abbu, Jr., as he congratulated the new lawyers following the release of the results of the 2022 Bar examinations last Friday. Supreme Court Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa announced that 3,992 law graduates have passed the 2022 Bar examinations.

As a lawyer by profession, Councilor Abbu expressed hopes that the new lawyers will attend great responsibility and remember their purpose to serve the people and the community towards building a fair and just society.

“As you all now embark on a new journey of your lives, it is my fervent hope that you live the nobility of our profession and imbibe the professional responsibility we owe to God, our country, and fellow Filipinos”, said Councilor Abbu.

To those who did not make it, Councilor Abbu said this is just a temporary setback. Let this be an inspiration to strive harder and soon be able to call themselves full-fledged lawyers, he said.

“Your efforts are not rendered futile. The Bar Examination does not define who you are as a person and what you are capable of doing. Persevere and it will just be a matter of time,” he stressed.

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