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Declaration of Arbor Day in CdeO mulled

COUNCILOR Edna “Inday” M. Dahino is set to propose an ordinance declaring a particular day of every year as Arbor Day in the city.

This is in recognition of the rights of Kagayanons to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature and to combat the loss of our natural resources. She said this is also intended to rejuvenate the environment by undertaking nationwide tree planting activities and providing effective measures for their maintenance and sustainability.

The declaration is pursuant to Republic Act No. 10176, “An Act Reviving the Observance of Arbor Day by Authorizing the Local Government Units the Responsibilities for Celebrating the Day for Tree Planting as an Annual Event”.

The law mandates all provinces, cities and municipalities to declare or proclaim an Arbor Day or a Tree Planting Day at a fixed date every calendar year as shall be deemed conducive to the proper tune and season for planting trees within their respective localities, The Power learned.

The proposed ordinance authorizes the city mayor to proclaim Arbor Day as a public working holiday to ensure the participation of the different sectors of society. All able-bodied residents of the city, who are at least twelve years of age, shall be required to plant one tree every year.

Among the specified areas within the city to be planted or reforested include the public school grounds, gardens or other available areas within the school premises, idle or vacant public lands, public parks or eco parks in urban and rural areas, private schools, parks and lands with consent of the owner, watershed area, riverbanks and road shoulders.

Barangay councils may also declare their respective barangay Arbor Day celebration on different dates to afford flexibility in planning and implementing tree planting programs.

This is to adjust to the proper time and period of the year most suited to the trees selected to be planted in their respective areas, or to coincide with barangay occasions like fiesta or barangay day, and as their budgetary allotments may allow. (JAO)

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