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Gaane calls for responsible pet ownership

COUNCILOR Maria Lourdes S. Gaane, chair of the City Council committee on health and sanitation and health insurance, is calling on pet owners to be responsible and to take good care of their dogs, especially since the supply of anti-rabies vaccine has run out of stock.

During the committee meeting, Dr. Fe Bongcas of the City Health Office informed the committee that the shortage of anti-rabies vaccine is not only a problem in Cagayan de Oro but also in other cities and countries.

The global shortage of vaccines is due to the contamination of the products in the laboratory, which resulted in a stop in the production of the vaccines, she explained.

According to Dr. Bongcas, only two kinds of vaccines are allowed by the Department of Health, Verorab, which is good for two persons per vial and the Chick Embryo, for five persons.

The City Health Office opted to use the Chick Embryo since it is more economical and caters to five patients, said Dr. Bongcas.

She said the Verorab vaccine is out of stock due to the increase in demand.

“Based on the stocks inventory, the vaccines will only be good for the month of April,” she cited.

Citing an increase in dog bite cases, Dr. Bongcas announced that the City Health Office has intensified the campaign for responsible pet ownership.

“Advocacy nato is responsible pet ownership kay mostly domestic dogs man kanang naa ra sa balay than the stray dogs,” Bongcas stressed.

The City Health Office is urging barangay officials and workers to be responsible and to impound stray dogs.

Councilor Gaane is encouraging the public to have their dogs vaccinated to avoid the danger of getting infections from dog bites. (JBD)

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