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Educ cmte acts on complaint vs school

THE City Council committee on education chaired by Councilor Suzette Magtajas-Daba on Friday, tackled the complaint against Precious Jewels Baptist Academy in Barangay Macabalan.

In the complaint, the parents protested against their children being demoted because the school is allegedly not recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd).

According to some parents, they found out too late that the school is operating without permit when upon transfer, the assistant principal of Macabalan National High School did not accept the admission/ enrolment of their children.

The school administrator of Precious Jewels informed the committee that pursuant to DepEd Memorandum OO1 of October 2017, they are allowed to offer pre-elementary and elementary education programs.

A representative of the City Legal Office recommended the immediate closure of the school so as not to hamper the students’ development and protect them from the consequences.

He said that if the school is operating in good faith, it will close by its own will and not wait for the barangay and city government to close it by force.

As a solution to the problem of the students being demoted, Councilor Reuben Daba asked the Schools Division Superintendent to assist the students so that they can take the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) exam, and organize a review class with the help of the assistant principal of Macabalan National High School to help the students pass the exam.

Councilor Suzette said the committee will hold another round of meeting on the complaint, as the school administrator pleaded for a chance for them to submit evidence/public document proving that they are accredited and recognized by law. (EF)

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