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Lao cmte tackles solutions to traffic woes

THE City Council committee on public utilities chaired by Councilor Teodulfo E. Lao continues to find ways to solve the city’s traffic problem.

The committee invited the regional director of the LTO, LTFRB, RTA overseer, City Legal Officer and City Administrator to discuss the city’s traffic situation, the Local Public Transport Route Plan (LPTRP), and other issues.

The RTA is working on the city’s LPTRP to comply with the order of the Department of Transportation (DOTr). The LPTRP will be the basis of the LTFRB for the issuance of franchise to public utility vehicles.

Councilor Lao stressed that aside from this, the city should come up with long term plans to solve the traffic problem.


During the meeting, Land Transportation Office Regional Director Oscar Salcedo cited the need to address the proliferation of illegal terminals in the city. He said these terminals contribute to the traffic mess.

He also stressed that buildings like condominiums should be required to provide parking spaces for their clients.

According to Director Salcedo, requirements for parking spaces should be strictly implemented.


Councilor Lao reiterated that a sustainable information drive should also be pursued. As done before, the city should make use of a public address system to continuously inform residents about traffic rules and regulations, he added.

The councilor said last year, his committee initiated a weekly education program for drivers of public utility vehicles. During the activity, drivers were re-oriented on traffic rules and regulations and updated on old and new policies of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Councilor Lao announced that the weekly seminar will continue this year.

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