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Ocon cmte tackles updates on establishment of new cemetery

THE City Council committee on urban and rural poor chaired by Councilor Zaldy Ocon during its recent committee meeting discussed updates on the proposed establishment of the New City Memorial Park located in Barangay FS Catanico, this city.

Mr. Vince Amora, the owner of the subject lot, informed the committee that he has complied with the requirements of the ECC. He, however, said although the city has not purchased the land the requirements assume in its content that the land was bought by the city before the ECC was given.

Councilor Ocon instructed the appraisal committee to conduct an ocular inspection of the area. He said the appraisal value of the said property should be submitted to the City Legal Office and the committee for further study and deliberation, so that the owner and the city can come up with an agreed price and the project will be fast-tracked. (EF)

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