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Ethics body acts on plaints vs brgy officials

BR Case No. 2015-01 was submitted for resolution by the City Council committee on ethics and blue ribbon during its recent meeting presided by Councilor Leon Gan.

The case involves the complaint against a Barangay Kagawad of Nazareth, for alleged misrepresentation as resident of 1st Street, Nazareth, this City.

Meanwhile, the committee dismissed BR Case No. 2017-01, a complaint filed by an attorney against the Punong Barangay of Balulang, regarding his appointment and compensation as Barangay Human Rights Action Officer (BHRAO) of Barangay Balulang, this City.

This, after the complainant sent the committee a letter stating therein his disinterest to continue the case he filed against the respondent.

The ethics and blue ribbon committee is chaired by Councilor Lordan Suan. (EF)

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