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Goking backs Place Branding Initiative

COUNCILOR George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committee on trade, is supporting the Place Branding Initiative for Cagayan de Oro City.

During the recent committee meeting, the Cagayan de Oro Trade and Investment Promotions Center (ORO-TIPC) presented the project as part of its Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan.

Ms. Eileen San Juan, TIPC head, said the city’s brand will be used in communications with other agencies, as well as in signages.

“We see the need to be all-in-one when we do promotions,” San Juan explained.

The Power learned that the objective of the project is to clearly introduce, define and establish the Cagayan de Oro City brand through a clean, clear and crisply designed visual signature for instant recognition.

It involves the publication of a brand book, the development and implementation of a program to introduce the brand and the details of its usage as well as preset behaviors and responses.

Councilor Goking hailed the ORO-TIPC for the project.

“The idea of branding itself is very good subject to the design,” Councilor Goking stressed.

The Power learned that the local investment promotions office will also be launching the Cagayan de Oro Trade and Investment Promotions Center webpage with complementing social media accounts.

Under the leadership of San Juan and former DTI-10 regional director Nimfa Along-Albania, the Oro-TIPC also aims to generate leads for Cagayan de Oro’s investment priority areas, namely agribusiness, food, ICT, logistics and tourism, among others.

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