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Creation of Coop Dev’t Affairs Office mulled

THE City Council committee on cooperatives chaired by Councilor Enrico Salcedo last week thoroughly discussed the proposed ordinance creating the Office of Cooperative Development Affairs (OCDA).

Pursuant to the proposed ordinance, OCDA shall work and operate a Cooperative Development and Management Division. This division shall be responsible for initiating and implementing programs for cooperative promotion and development.

The proposed OCDA office shall also operate to assist in developing plans and strategies relative to the integration of cooperative principles and methods in programs and projects, recommends policies, standards and guidelines, among others.

The Power learned that there are 206 registered cooperatives with permits including branches with an estimated of 800,000 members more or less.

Councilor Salcedo said the committee sees the need to create OCDA to look into the development programs of cooperatives in the city since one of the desires of Mayor Oscar Moreno is to unify all livelihood program of the city through the cooperatives.

Dr. Anselmo Mercado, chair of CODAC, said the city is behind in terms of partnership between the government and cooperative movement compared to other cities.

“Kung ma-create ang OCDA through the support of the vice mayor and City Council maayo unta nga mahitabo ang pagcreate para matutokan pag-ayo ang mga concern sa cooperatives”, he stressed.

The committee created an adhoc committee chaired by Mr. Mansueto Dela Pena, chair of the Regional Cooperative Development Council, to consolidate all recommendations on provisions of the proposed ordinance. (JBD)

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