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Proposed law on conversion of idle lands to parking areas under study

THE City Council committee on roads and traffic management chaired by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo is set to tackle the proposed ordinance granting incentives through exemption from payment of real property tax to owners of vacant lots within the commercial districts who will convert or allow the use for free public parking.

The proposed legislation was filed by Councilor Lordan Suan, who cited that th

e city has been experiencing difficulty of providing ample and safe parking spaces to motorists and car owners. He said this has become a perennial headache to those who have official and personal business transactions in the immediate commercial establishments and government offices.

According to the councilor, the persistent nuisance traffic activity and rampant illegal parking by vehicle owners in the streets have caused misunderstanding and grudges between motorists and traffic enforcers, which resulted to physical harm or injuries. He said these could have been avoided if necessary measures have been put into use.

The councilor cited the importance of parking spaces, saying this would entice consumers to frequent an establishment leading to increase in sales which would consequently increase the amount of tax to be paid by the business owner.

While some statutes discourage lot owners from having their lands idle through the imposition of higher real property taxes, it would instead be prudent to grant incentives to lot owners who will convert or allow the use of their vacant lots as parking areas, Councilor Suan pointed out. (JAO)

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