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Proposed law regulating installation of telecom cables under study

THE proposed ordinance regulating the installation, operation and maintenance of telecommunication cable fiber optic and cable TV facilities for service providers is now being studied by the City Council committee on public utilities chaired by Councilor Teodulfo E. Lao.

According to Councilor Lao, the purpose of the proposed ordinance is to establish uniform standards, regulations and requirements for telecommunication cable and cable facilities for in-house cabling installation, operation and maintenance. He said it will ensure adequate protection and safety to persons engaged in the business as well as the general public.

The councilor said the proposed ordinance is in line with the policy of the city to promote the development of an efficient and sufficient telecommunication sector consistent with prescribed standards to meet the needs of the growing community, and to make the city the center of excellence in telecommunications and technology.

The proposed law, which will amend Ordinance No. 9013-2003, will solve the problem of sagging and spaghetti wires, unbundled cables and wires that cause accidents and will provide basic minimum provision necessary for safety, aesthetics, comfort, food workmanship, proper operation and maintenance of telecommunication, fiber optic and cable TV facilities and equipment.

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