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Dads OK MoU for BuB project

THE City Council during its regular session Monday presided over by City Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy enacted Ordinance No. 13207-2017, authorizing the city mayor to enter into and sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTsP).

The MoU covers the implementation of the Program for Development of Food Processors-Integrated Livelihood Project: Food Processing and Production of Occupational Safety Supplies under 2014 Bottoms-Up-Budgetting (BUB) Poverty Reduction Project.

Under the MOU, the city shall provide the list of beneficiaries availing of the training for food processing, food safety and food packaging; closely coordinate in finalizing schedule for the training as well as the participation and cooperation of the beneficiaries in the food processing, food safety and food packaging.

It shall, likewise, transfer funds in the amount of P55,800 for the honorarium of food processing trainers (P24,000), speaker/resource person for food safety seminar (P12,000), speaker/resource person for food packaging seminar (P2,000.00), total facility charge (P15,000) and administrative cost which is five percent of the total amount (P2,800).

For its part, USTsP shall coordinate in finalizing and scheduling the beneficiaries, as well as provide competent trainers to handle trainings on the food processing, food safety and food packaging. It shall also submit list of recipes for products to be processed as a basis and guide to attain quality training for the beneficiaries.

The legislation was reviewed and favorably endorsed by the committees on women and family relations, on finance, budget and appropriations and on laws and rules chaired by Councilors Edna M. Dahino and Ian Mark Q. Nacaya, respectively. (JAO)

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